If You are interested in Joining us for the 2023 Season in beautiful Lake George; Please Fill out the form below.

The Wednesday Lake George Market is 14 Wednesdays during the summer months typically starting June 7th and going to September 7th!

If you are interested in any of our 7 festivals please also fill out the contract below.

If You have already filled out your farmers market or Lake George festivals contract and want to add our any of the 3 new shows we added today march 7th 2023, please fill out the form below. Our amendment to the Lake George Festivals contract.

If you have not filled out your Lake George Vendor Permit; you can download the form here. You can mail it in with your vendor contracts or send it directly to the village if you prefer. However, the way you prefer you do need one of these permits to vend in Lake George.

The Permits are good for the whole season. You only need 1. There is a 2-week wait time for the filing of our permit and receiving it; please allow for this time frame for your permit.

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